How it works?

In three simple steps.

Whetstone process the contents of your clipboard or file dragged onto app icon.

Images from Whetstone is always in your clipboard. You can paste it straight into Photoshop or save it like a single file.

Note: There is no UI, application convert images and then immediately terminates.


Currently only build for macOS is available.

There is plan to make a Windows version of app.

Please consider donation, even small amount can boost the project development. Two beers especially.


Work done with Whetstone. Colors was added in Adobe Photoshop.

Cars, cars, cars

Testing Whetstone

More information at


Makes your drawings sharp

Image editing application for macOS

1. Copy sketch to clipboard


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Illustration from my book

More images?
Add your work to gallery

2. Launch Whetstone

Then download latest version for macOS →

3. Paste your sharp sketch